Per Lesson

1 hour lessons - £25

2 hour lessons - £48


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Theory Preparation

Driving is not just about the practical it also includes the theory and hazard perception. I provide the complete service and aim to assist you in all your driving needs and will provide the relevant training to ensure you are fully prepared when you take your test.

Manual Gear

The system used whilst teaching pupils to drive is the police road craft method which was first introduced back in 1935 by the Earl of Cottingham who was a professional racing driver. This is a tried and tested method which is believed to been one of the safest and effective systems still used to this day. 

As your Instructer I have a duty of care to ensure you are fully prepared for your test which is why I like to provide all my pupils with a variety of mock tests on the official test centre routes. Further to this should you require I am more than prepared to sit in your test to help settle the nerves on your very important day

Pre-Test Lessons

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